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3 Pages Essay For American Goverment

  1. have a length of 3-4 double-spaced pages (excluding the title page and bibliography)
  2. use 12 pt. font
  3. have 1 inch margins
  4. include page numbers
  5. include parenthetical (in-text) citations for both quoted and paraphrased materials
  6. include a bibliography with the following properties:
    • the bibliography is on its own page at the end of the document
    • the word “Bibliography” or “References” or “Sources” is centered at the top
    • the sources are alphabetized by the author’s last name (or the documentary title)
    • the citation style is consistent


As we have learned this semester, the political representation and incorporation of traditionally excluded groups (e.g., women, minorities) in American politics has been a recurrent challenge. This makes us wonder: Does the American political system, as it actually functions, fulfill the standards of political equality and political liberty that are required of a “functioning representative democracy”?


In your paper, compare and contrast the roles of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government in protecting civil liberties and civil rights. Which branch has been most successful in this regard? Which branch has been least successful?

  • Your thesis statement (your argument) should explain (1) which branch you believe has been most successful, (2) which branch you believe has been least successful, and (3) why.
  • You should address both the protection of civil liberties and the protection of civil rights in your paper.
    • Be sure to make the distinction between these two terms clear.
    • You must use specific empirical examples as evidence to back up your claims.

the article here, lest use 5 of them!
Your paper should…

  • …in the introduction:
    • draw the reader in (e.g., introduce a puzzle or provide an illustrative anecdote)
    • develop a clear, concise, and easily identifiable thesis statement (i.e., your argument)
    • provide a “roadmap” that explains how you are going to demonstrate what you claim in your thesis statement (think of this as a mini-outline for your paper–it can take the form of “First, I will…Second, I will…Third, I will…”)
      • example  In our government, there are five linkages that connect the government and the people. They include political parties, news media, interest groups, social movements, and elections. Of these five linkages, political parties best represents a functioning representative democracy through its strong representation of political equality, liberty, and popular sovereignty. They best represent political equality by allowing everyone to join a party, political liberty by allowing everyone in a party the opportunity to work together to facilitate government action, and popular sovereignty by correcting an official’s platform depending on voter preferences. In this paper, I will build my argument by addressing each of these points in turn. Then, I will consider a critic’s perspective and discuss the other linkages’ advantages and disadvantages. Despite those apparent advantages and disadvantages, I will conclude discussing the other linkages’ by re-emphasizing the paramount role of political parties in facilitating a “functioning representative democracy.”
  •  …in the body paragraphs:
    • logically build evidence in favor of your thesis statement
    • include a minimum of five sources beyond the textbook (i.e., a minimum of six sources including the textbook)
      • You will need to look at more than five sources to craft your argument. This minimum refers to the number of citations that you actually end up using in the paper.
  • …in the conclusion:
    • briefly address alternatives or criticisms
    • re-emphasize the main points of your argument


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