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500- To 750-Word Paper

500- To 750-Word Paper. 500- to 750-word

Gangs also tend to respond to the opportunities presented by social change but do so with even greater speed and flexibility than organized crime groups. For example, gangs quickly recognized the potential for immense profit when crack cocaine gained popularity in the inner cities during the 1980s. They promptly seized control of dealing this drug on the streets. In addition to their involvement in the drug business, gangs often commit small-scale crimes such as burglary, vandalism, and neighborhood gambling. Regardless of the activity, the greatest profit for both gangs and organized crime groups is derived when conducting criminal operations as “businesses,” with effective planning, strong organizational support, and tight networks.

press release on a criminal organization that poses a significant threat in Houston TX community. Include the following in your press release:

Which criminal organization poses the most significant threat to your community? What evidence exists to suggest this organization is a threat? To what degree does the organization operate outside of your community? What is the history of the organization? How did it come to be, how did it evolve, and who are its founding and/or prominent members? What are the organization’s activities, including those that may be legal or illegal? How are these activities carried out, and what is the benefit to the organization? What factors in the community contribute to the success of the organization? How has the organization impacted the community?


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500- To 750-Word Paper


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