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SOC/312 Wk 2 Quiz 100% Correct

. Question : Compared to other children, children with disabilities are


 2. Question : Which of the following theories emphasizes observed behavior?


 3. Question : When looking at attachment, one should consider the possibility of differences in _________ among infants who attend child care and those who do not.


 4. Question : Edwin and Lavonne are a typical, hard-working family in the United States. Edwin owns a small business and Lavonne stays home with the children. They both value achievement, respect, and having harmonious interpersonal relationships within their family. Based on this description, Edwin and Lavonne would be classified as


 5. Question : Political ideology refers to


 6. Question : Guidance is to discipline as


 7. Question : According to Belsky (1988, 1992), full-time child care (more than 20 hours per week)


 8. Question : The sensorimotor stage differs from the preoperational stage in that in preoperational,


 9. Question : Which of the following is an example of neglect?


 10. Question : A system of beliefs concerned with the interests and ideals of humans rather than of the natural or spiritual world is


 11. Question : Which of the following best characterizes changes in the role of fatherhood over historical time?


 12. Question : Based on observations of children of all ages, Gesell concluded that


 13. Question : A primary concern of social scientists is that recent trends, such as occupational mobility (the movement of individuals for job-related reasons), will


 14. Question : Rules, patterns, or standards that express cultural values and reflect how individuals are supposed to behave are called


 15. Question : The first stage of Galinsky’s model is


 16. Question : According to research, mothers provide which children more attention, guidance, and discipline?


 17. Question : Social status that is determined by family lineage, gender, birth order or skin color is called


 18. Question : According to your text, the technical definition of marriage is


 19. Question : One of the most common unrealistic expectations of blended families is


 20. Question : According to Fontana (2003), religion influences socialization by



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