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A College Final Paper About A Piece Of Furniture.

Please write a 4-6 page (1200-1800 word) paper on the piece I assigned you from the Value of Good Design exhibition. MY PIECE IS EAMES FOLDING SCREEN. On May 2, the last day of class, be prepared to give a 7-minute PowerPoint type presentation to the class.
In the paper, you should…
1. Formally analyze the item – look back at my directions for formal analysis in the midterm assignment
2. Provide a brief biography of the designer and/or manufacturer
3. Look at the item within the context of the designer or manufacturer’s other works (is it similar or different, does it represent a shift in his or her design practice, etc.)
4. Look at the item within the context of other such items by alternative designers and manufacturers, previous to and contemporary with your item. (For example, if you were assigned a typewriter, how does that typewriter compare to earlier models and models of the same period.)
5. Explain why MoMA believed your item to be an example of “good design.” Remember the definition we discussed in class and what you may have read in the exhibit.
6. Discuss how you believe your item affected similar items today. Is it still an example of good design? If so, why? If not, what are some examples of better design today?


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