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RESPONND TO CHARLIE POST and compare your classmates’ observations with your own–are there any connections between the way you and your classmates interpret the relevance of art? If your interpretation about the relevance of art differs significantly from one of your classmates’ observations, how do you account for this variance? What can you learn from this?
Charlie post
During this class I have learned that all art is interpreted by each individual. Meaning that everyone sees something different or sometimes the same. In earlier works were very religious. and slowly progressed into emotion and love like the Rococo art. I learned that art is always progressing and deeply reflects the time and place or events that happened during that time.
Society is reflected in art of that time and vise versa, society of the time needs shock and awe. Art is very emotional and has been a way to self expression for many years.
What I have learned in humanities has opened my mind to understanding art. Its not just a painting to me anymore it is an expression of the artist soul. and has allowed me to open my mind to the many works of art and from many time periods this by far has been my favorite class. I feel like I was blind before this class there is so much to art that I now understand. I am so thankful for this class my mind is finally free.
Discussion 1
Listen to the “Four Functions of Management” podcast.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Explain how you are currently using the four functions of management in your place of employment or your personal life.
  • What are some attributes of a manager?


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