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Applied Behavior

Applied Behavior.

Each Discussion question should be at least 150 words with at least 1 citation.

Discussion Question 1

What are the differentiating concepts between applied behavior analysis, radical behaviorism, and experimental analysis of behavior?

Discussion Question 2

What are the defining characteristics of applied behavior analysis? How do the defining dimensions describe the fundamental characteristics of an applied intervention? Give an example on how they can be used to distinguish application from experimental or conceptual analysis of behavior.


Luke, M. M., Carr, J. E., & Wilder, D. A. (2018). On the compatibility of organizational behavior management and BACB certification. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 38(4), 288-305.




Guercio, J. M. (2018). The importance of a deeper knowledge of the history and theoretical foundations of behavior analysis: 1863-1960. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, 18(1), 4-15. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.1037/bar0000123




Haegele, J. A., & Hodge, S. R. (2015). The applied behavior analysis research paradigm and single-subject designs in adapted physical activity research. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, 32(4), 285-301.


The Applied Behavior Analysis Research Paradigm and Single-Subject Designs in Adapted Physical Activity Research

Applied Behavior


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