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Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Module Five Essay Assignment & Research Assignment -This is 2 assignments due June 4
#1 essay 200 words
After reading Chapter 10 prepare a 200 word response to the discussion of “The diffusion of IT within society during the past decade has refocused attention on how new forms of IT may be used to transform institutions within the public sector.”
#2 research paper 100 words
Using the article provided Page One Article Title: List the article publication information using APA style for reference list citations,
MARTINEAU, P. (2020). 2020: BACK TO THE FUTURE: How does the state of tech in 2020 compare to predictions made on the cusp of Y2K? Government Technology, 33(1), 14–20.
Page Two Summary (must be at least 100 words): List the article’s thesis (or hypotheses), methodology and evidence, its logic or argument, and summarizes its conclusions.
Both assignments wiill be turned into TURNITIN
Must meet this grading criteria:
Responds to assigned or selected topic; Goes beyond what is required in some meaningful way (e.g., ideas contribute a new dimension to what we know about the topic, unearths something unanticipated); Is substantive and evidence-based; Demonstrates that the student has read, viewed, and considered the Learning Resources in the course and that the assignment answer/paper topic connects in a meaningful way to the course content; and Is submitted by the due date.
In-depth understanding and application of concepts and issues presented in the course (e.g., insightful interpretations or analyses; accurate and perceptive parallels, ideas, opinions, and conclusions), showing that the student has absorbed the general principles and ideas presented and makes inferences about the concepts/issues or connects to them to other ideas; Rich and relevant examples; Thought-provoking ideas and interpretations, original thinking, new perspectives; Original and critical thinking; and Mastery and thoughtful/accurate application of knowledge and skills or strategies presented in the course.
Uses language that is clear, concise, and appropriate; Has few if any errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax; Is extremely well organized, logical, and clear and never confuses the reader; Uses a preponderance of original language and uses direct quotes only when necessary and/or appropriate; and Provides information about a source when citing or paraphrasing it.
Significantly contributes to the knowledge in the field; Is well supported by current and pertinent research/evidence (within the previous 5 years, except for seminal, original research where appropriate) from a variety of primarily primary, peer-reviewed sources (rather than textbooks and Web sites); and Consistently uses correct APA form and style (including citations, references, nonbiased language, clear organization, good editorial style, etc.) with very few or no errors.

Applied Sciences homework help


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