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Architectural Critic (900 Words)

looking for a strong introduction within the first few paragraphs, and a clear sense of your opinions as the critique evolves. Remember to talk about who/what/where/why elements and make sure they are present in the paper along with your opinion. Also don’t forget key information like locations, time (for instance,  When did the controversy over the Washington Bank building demolition arise?) Use all available news sources to find information on your subject, and site the sources within the piece you’re writing.
Washington Park National Bank Building issue. At 6300 S. Cottage Grove in the Woodlawn community, this vacant former bank is slated for demolition and would be replaced by a new building. Preservationists want to preserve the building, but its owner, the Cook County Land Bank, supports selling the building to a developer would will demolish it. After decades of disinvestment, Woodlawn is beginning to re-emerge with new construction and the Obama Presidential Center Plans. Should the old bank building be reused or demolished? Do you think it’s worth preserving? Explain why or why not. Also include info on the building’s history.


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