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For each of your Garment Analysis Papers you’ll view a PowerPoint of images of a historic garment from my personal collection. I’ll tell the story of the garment and will show various features, leaving you to fill in the details. For your papers follow the directions listed below. There is a assessment guide at the end of the assignment.
Each Garment Analysis assignment has two parts:
PART 1: For all your papers you’re expected to describe EVERY feature of the garment. (*See below for a list of features to include, as relevant.) It’s best to start with general silhouette and work from neck to hem. Your resources include the appropriate chapters in the book related to the decade the garment represents and the article posted here on Canvas by Koester & Bryant that describes many features of dress. This article describes many, many features of a variety of types of garments. PLEASE use this resource in order to write a complete and accurate description of the garments.
*Features to describe:
General silhouettes, sleeves, upper body, and lower body of each garment.
Describe the neckline/collar including any details beyond the basic type, sleeve type and all details.
Describe the bodice and all details, describe the waistline or waistline area (and level such as high, natural, low)
Describe the lower body and all details.
Details may include, but are not limited to buttons, pocket types and details, fabric manipulation, applied ornamentation, textile characteristics, and so forth. Additionally, if there are specific style names for the garment or garment parts these should be part of the description.
PART 2: Analyze the garment by using what you know so far about the influence of culture and society on the design and use of the garment in your discussion. For example: Belief and value systems change over time. How do the societal beliefs and values related to women’s roles during these particular time periods influence the look of this garment? Or, how do views of modesty change over these time periods and how is that reflected in the look of the garment?


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