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Before beginning your Principles of Design Essay, be sure to review the Principles of Design handout.
Create Your Photograph:
Take a photo that you think is artistic. Do not use someone else’s already existing photo.  Your are more than welcome to utilize apps on your phone or software such as Photoshop to manipulate your photo. The Tape Lady featured above was solarized, for example. Perhaps it’s the lighting, angle, or  general composition that make you feel what you captured is artistic. Either is valid. Bottom line, be creative and have fun.
Essay Questions:
Refer to The Principles of Design handout. Provide a visual analysis of your very own photo, making use of the principles and terms that you feel apply to your image.
How do these visual tools and principles make your photograph visually effective?
Essay Specifics:
Be sure to make your essay a visual analysis of your photo. If you wish to discuss your inspiration, the circumstances surrounding the photo opportunity, etc, that is fine. Just remember, as much as I enjoy reading/hearing the details surrounding your photo, I need a visual analysis. Without a visual analysis that does not use the Principles of Design and the Visual Toolbox, you will not earn full credit. Be sure to attach your photo to your essay.
Errors in spelling and grammar will cost you points. With all of the spelling and grammar tools available now, there is no real excuse to have any errors of this nature. As college students, your writing should be impeccable.
Helpful hints:
Support your ideas. If something is “beautiful”, explain why.
Go the extra mile in artistically dissecting your image.


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