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Ashworth Colege COMPUTER C10v MCQs

Ashworth Colege COMPUTER C10v MCQs.


Question 1 of 20
Your mom wants to purchase a new tablet. She said she wants her new computer to be able to play her DVDs so she can listen to music and wants to know what type optical drives will play her disk. Which selection below will complete her answer?
A. A CD or DVD drive
B. A DVD or BD drive
C. A CD, DVD, or BD drive
D. A DVD or DDR drive

Question 2 of 20
You want to purchase a new hard drive for your workstation and are deciding between an HDD and SDD drive. Which of the selections below is NOT an advantage that SDD has over HDD?
A. They don’t get fragmented.
B. They create less noise.
C. They create less heat.
D. They have a higher RPM rate.

Question 3 of 20
Which option below is an easy step to take to avoid ESD while working on your computer?
A. Rub your shoes against the carpet to discharge static electricity.
B. Wear clothing such as a wool sweater to negate static electricity.
C. Keep your body in contact with a metal area of the computer.
D. Make sure that all cords are connected to the computer firmly.

Question 4 of 20
Which selection below has the greatest storage capacity?
A. 30 CDs
B. 2 DVD DLs
C. 7 DVDs
D. 1 BD

Question 5 of 20
What type of maintenance is required of a computer’s power supply to ensure that it remains in working order?
A. Clean the Molex cables regularly with a damp cloth.
B. Regularly change out the NEMA 5-15 cord every 180 days.
C. Statically discharge the PSU every 180 days.
D. Clean any dust or debris from the air vents in front of the fans.

Question 6 of 20
In order to install a device, the operating system needs the required __________ for that device.
A. certificate
B. digital signature
C. plotter
D. driver

Question 7 of 20
Your brother is always complaining how slow his computer is. What single action can he take that will provide him the biggest performance gain and make his computer faster?
A. Purchase a power supply with greater wattage
B. Purchase a faster processor
C. Purchase more memory to double it
D. Replace his HHD drives with SSD

Question 8 of 20
Which of the objects below is NOT powered by the PSU of your computer?
A. A hard drive
B. A printer
C. A motherboard
D. Memory

Question 9 of 20
Your mother wants to purchase a larger hard drive for her computer and asks you to see what type of drive interface she has. Her computer is connected to the motherboard by a gray ribbon cable that encases 40 pins. What type of drive interface does she have?
A. Solid State
D. SCSIQuestion 10 of 20
What type of product does AMD manufacture?
A. Power supply
C. Motherboard
D. SATA drive

Question 11 of 20
The different types of DDR modules are easily identifiable because of what factor?
A. Each module has a different length.
B. Each module has a notch located in a different place.
C. Each module is a different industry-standardized color.
D. Each module has a different length.

Question 12 of 20
Which of the devices below is an input device?
A. A plotter
B. A Digital Scanner
C. A monitor
D. A flat panel

Question 13 of 20
A Molex Connector that connects into a DVD player is easily identifiable by its:
A. 2 pin socket.
B. 4 pin socket.
C. 8 pin socket.
D. 20 pin socket.

Question 14 of 20
Which type of USB connector is always plugged into the computer to connect an external device?
A. Type A
B. Type B
C. Micro
D. Mini

Question 15 of 20
What type of memory or storage device is prone to losing data if the power goes out?
A. A USB stick
B. An External Drive
C. A DDR SDRAM module
D. A SATA drive

Question 16 of 20
You have just changed the system time within your computer’s BIOS. You choose to save the settings upon exit. What happens next?
A. The computer will restart the boot process from the beginning.
B. The computer will immediately load the boot loader.
C. The computer will save the changes in the computer’s registry also.
D. The computer will check for firmware updates on the Internet.

Question 17 of 20
What makes an active heat sink different from a passive heat sink?
A. The active heat sink includes a fan.
B. The active sink doesn’t include a fan.
C. The active sink is integrated directly into the motherboard.
D. The active sink contains a dual processor.

Question 18 of 20
Your organization wants to implement a 5-year rotation plan of your computing devices. What percentage of your computer fleet will you have to replace every year in order to achieve this?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 20
D. 50

Question 19 of 20
What is the purpose of the boot loader during the boot-up process?
A. It finds the computer operating system and loads it into memory.
B. It scans the hard drives for disk errors that will prevent the OS from loading.
C. It loads the BIOS into memory to allow configuration changes to be made.
D. It scans the computer for malware and viruses to protect the BIOS.

Question 20 of 20
What is the transfer rate of DDR memory?
A. 16 bit
B. 32 bit
C. 64 bit
D. 128 bit



Ashworth Colege COMPUTER C10v MCQs


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