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Assignment 5

Assignment 5.

1.Identify some ways that nursing homes can signal high quality to consumers. Which of these are most apt to be reliable signals?

2.What are some strategies for reducing adverse selection in insurance markets? What sorts of problems do these solutions cause?

3.Compared with a drip system, a new type of infusion pump reduces the cost of administering chemotherapy from $25 per dose to $20 per dose. The complication rate of each system is 2 percent. Which should you choose? What sort of analysis should you do?

4.You are comparing replacing the current lab, which has a cost function of C = 200,000 + 25 × Q, with an automated lab that has a cost function of C = 300,000 + 20 × Q. Doing so would reduce the error rate from 1.5 percent to 1 percent. Your volume is expected to be 18,000 tests per year. Should you choose the automated lab? Briefly explain your logic.

Assignment 5


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