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Assignment For Phd Christine

Assignment For Phd Christine.

Speech Title: Person of Interest John F Kennedy

Directions: For each area listed below, check either strong or weak. Then write a 2-3 sentence for each area, explaining the response you chose (give specific examples from your speech) and how you intend to improve the areas marked as weak.


Attention-getter, Thesis, Credibility


Logical, Good supports (examples, details, statistics), Transitions


Concise Summary, Memorable?

Connection to audience

Enthusiasm? Relevant to audience?


Posture, Gestures, Eye contact


Volume, Pace, Pauses, Distractors?

Sources or Visuals Used

Strong, Valid Sources? Type of visual used (if any). Effectiveness?

*One Paragraph Summary of your review:

Discuss your upcoming speech topic for your Person of Interest Speech. Tell us about the sources you chose to use and how you evaluated their credibility. How do these sources contribute to support your speech? How does the support you chose create audience connection with your topic? You should also cite these sources for us at the end of this discussion in APA format.

What is the overall danger of people not carefully analyzing and evaluating sources?

See attached form below for accurate instructions


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Assignment For Phd Christine


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