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Basic Grammar In Allied Health

answer questions 1-20

1.   Identify the preposition in the following sentence: “Carla decided to practice her music before she started the homework for the next day.”
2.   In which sentence are the correlative conjunctions used correctly?
3.   In which of the following sentences is the word run used as an action verb?
4.   Choose the sentence in which the verb has a direct object.
5.   Which punctuation mark is used when spelling out compound numbers between 21 and 99?
6.   Identify the number of verbs in the following sentence: “Technical and business writing is something anyone can learn.”
7.   Which type of punctuation mark is used after an introductory statement that precedes a list or an enumeration of items?
8.   Which of the following sentences contains a subordinating conjunction?

9.   Identify the adjective(s) in the following sentence: “The weekend conference is in town today and tomorrow.”

10.   Which of the following words can be used as a verb?

11.   Choose the phrase that’s correctly capitalized.

12.   Which of the following demonstrates the correct use of capitalization and punctuation in writing the date?

13.   Choose the sentence that contains an indirect object.

14.   Which of the following sentences has a compound predicate?

15.   A _______ is always used between items in a series when one or more of those items contain commas.

16.   In the sentence, “Benjamin and Maria like running,” the word running is a

17.   Which of the following groups of words is a sentence fragment?

18.   Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that’s used as a predicate adjective?

19.   Identify the marks of punctuation that would be appropriate to set off the italicized words in the following sentence: “One day my dad and his brother stop me if you’ve heard this story started out on what they thought would be an uneventful drive to work.”

20.   Which one of the following sentences demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?




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