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Becoming Limitless Review

What will written goals do for you Remember the Harvard group This is important – because most people do not have an actual answer to the question ‘what is your goal’The hustle and bustle of our daily lives only seems to be ever increasing. We have more information bombarding us every second, weather it be from our computers, televisions, phones, or the people we interact with. There seems to be more pulling at our time with work, meetings, organizations, kid’s activities, school events, charitable drives, movies to view, places to visit, vacations to take, sights to see and a “To Do” list that will take seventy-five years or more to accomplish. With so many people and things pulling us in every direction, it is very easy to forget to make time for yourself. Time to relax, time to dream, time to plan, time for self-improvement, and time to just be you.
You need regular sleep to perform optimally. You must also make time for exercise. Sure, you can do this with others, just be sure to do it, and exercise where you are benefiting and becoming healthier. It’s also important to make room for quiet time each day. Time for you to dream or think about those things that are important to you. I also suggest learning some deep breathing exercises to perform during your quiet time, you’ll be amazed at what it will do for your health and outlook on the rest of your life.
You must make time to work on yourself. Personal development is important for all of us to grow and succeed. It’s easy to skip when you are too busy with everything else. If you want to learn a language, play an instrument, engage in artistic endeavors, you must make time for them. You must make time for reading each day or you’ll never get to those books that you “plan to read.” Chose activities that will enrich your life and make you feel better and then make time for them.
Make time for vacations. Getting away from the everyday grind helps recharge the internal batteries that keep us fresh and going. Mini-weekend vacations each month can do wonders. Longer vacations once a year are important. Individual and family relaxation time should be planned and guarded as much as any other activity, because it will make all other activities better.


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