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Build Your Own Questionnaire! In CLA1, you explored and identified factors that influence adjustment issues and their impact on academic performance of F1 students. In this assignment, your task is to create a survey instrument (consisting of no less than 20 items) to assess various dimensions of F1 student adjustment in the US. Before creating your survey questionnaire, Review Chapters 14 and 15 of your main textbook and use the Library and Information Resources Network of Westcliff University (LIRN) to find resources (including dissertations and theses) that address a similar topic. For example, (Stoklosa, 2015, ProQuest Document ID: 1700219836) examines personal and environmental characteristics of student adjustment. After conducting your research, construct your own survey instrument. Note that you are not allowed to use existing survey instruments (completely or even partially) for this assignment. Existing instruments are mostly copyrighted materials and should not be used without proper permission from the author. After creating the instrument, in a 2 or 3-page document, provide a background on the process of creating the instrument, explain different dimensions and subscales of the instrument, discuss reliability and validity issues, and the explain scoring process (including reverse coding if needed). Present the instrument as an attachment to your document.

This paper is devided for 4 people. I only need my part. I need 5 questions. create close-end question (Yes or No, scale 1-10, or else)

Explain the rational (how we create the questions)

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