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Assignment: Professional Leadership Journal: Proactivity
This week’s self-assessment, located in your text, is a brief individual leadership assessment entitled “Proactivity” (attached). As a leader, it is important for you to understand your own proactivity as well as to recognize a particular proactivity for others.
For this Professional Leadership Journal, complete the “Proactivity” assessment(attached). As a scholar-practitioner in the field of health care administration, consider what the assessment may reveal about your perception of external and internal proactivity. How might your perception of proactivity impact your leadership role in the field of health care administration?
The Assignment (3 paragraphs):

  • Explain new insights gained based on your results of the “Proactivity” assessment (attached), including how these results contribute to your personal perception of proactivity for leadership.
  • Explain how these new insights might impact your current or future role in health care administration leadership.


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