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Your final project due July 24, will be a 7-10 page double spaced 12 times new roman font, reflection paper highlighting the 3 eras of AAL that we have been discussing and will discuss.. 1st section will be Harlem Renaissance Movement, 2nd Black ARts Movement and 3rd Hiphop Urban Lit movement 1999-now. The paper must entail how these movements emerged, how the literature and music reflected and or mirrored what was going on in society at that time. Authors from each time must be examined. Tell me how the authors you profile resisted societal norms either thru their lives or thru their music.
Last but not least, you have been late to almost every class.. This is unacceptable and if it continues I will have no choice but to deduct a letter grade.
You are exempt from the last group presentation on Monday July 22.


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