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Classification Essay

Classification Essay. Classification Essay
A classification essay requires that you choose a category and divide that category into subcategories.  For example, if your topic was drivers then you might classify three types of drivers as safe, passive, or aggressive.
Organize your paper into five paragraphs (intro, body 1, body 2, body 3, and conclusion). Be sure to include three categories of classification in the thesis statement (last sentence of intro–no matter what sources tell you). Your essay must be approximately 500 words in length. Remember to use MLA format and double space your paper.
Remember, always write the thesis statement first. It is the starting point of a good paper. Organize around it. Place it as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
All essays must be attached. Type your essay as a Word Document.
Topic suggestions:

  • Classify types of vacations
  • Classify types of first dates
  • Classify types of friends
  • Classify types of coffee
  • Classify types of in-laws

Classification Essay


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