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Communicable/Acute Illness Newsletter

Communicable/Acute Illness Newsletter. TITLE:  Communicable/Acute Illness Newsletter

Introduction:  Protecting children’s health in group settings requires teachers/families to have a sound understanding of common communicable illnesses-what causes them, how they are transmitted, and how they can be controlled.

The Assignment: Create a one-page (front ony) health newsletter for teachers/families.  Decide what information should be presented, how technical it should be, and how it should be presented.  Decide upon layout, design, and art.

Grading Criteria: Your newsletter should contain valuable information that will assist teachers/families in the area of communicable/acute illness. Your newsletter SHOULD address one specific illness that is common among young children up to age 8.  You will need to include the following:

  • illness addressed
  • how the disease/illness is transmitted
  • prevention measures for how it can be controlled (in the classroom and at home).
  • signs/symptoms to look for
  • steps to take once a child is ill

Along with your newsletter include a one paragraph summary (minimum of 5 sentences) discussing how NC FELD supports your course of action when dealing with acute and communicable illnesses.  (What domain, subdomain, indicators, strategies would you use?)

*The student will need to ensure that they have covered all of the areas listed in the assignment.  They will also be graded on their understanding of the material covered in their text.  Detailed information must be included related to the newsletter topic.

*Remember to cite the sources used- where you gathered your information from

*Pictures and graphics should be included but need to be cited

*Your handout must be “made” and not typed directly into Blackboard.  It should be an attachment.

Communicable/Acute Illness Newsletter


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