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Computer Science homework help. Team Project:  Business Plan based on an emerging information technology
Provide a two page Business Plan that describes the proposed use of an emerging information technology for a business problem or opportunity.
As we progress through the quarter, we will introduce new information technologies and new uses of information technologies.  Identify an Information technology and its application for a business problem or opportunity.  You will want to conduct several sessions to determine this since not all the information technology (IT) is introduced at the beginning or you may not be aware of the possibilities for use.   You will want to apply two methods introduced in chapter one – problem solving and critical thinking.
Your two page plan will include the following:

  • Problem Statement – describe the business problem or opportunity
  • Information technology – Describe the information technology that is proposed.   Be sure to identify the category.  For example, database or networking or cloud computing.
  • Proposed use of the IT – Describe how the IT will be utilized.  Provide information about how it will be used by the different business stakeholders.
  • Business impact – Identify and discuss the business impact as a result of implementing the IT.
  • Conclusion

Note: Font Times New Roman, Spacing: Single, margins 1”, include a header,  include a separate Cover Page with Name of Assignment, Class, Term and Team Member full names.

Computer Science homework help


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