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In this assignment, you will explore current opportunities for entry-level, non-coding jobs within the revenue cycle.

  1. Use at least two (2) different, credible online sources to find entry-level, non-coding job openings in the revenue cycle.
  2. Locate at least two (2) current openings for an entry-level, non-coding job in the revenue cycle.
  3. In a Microsoft Word document, create an organized list that clearly communicates the following details for each of the job openings:
    1. Job Title and Description
    2. Link to Job Posting
    3. Requirements/Preferences for Job Candidate’s:
      1. Training
      2. Education
      3. Work Experience
      4. Credentials/Certifications
    4. Salary Information (if listed, otherwise state “Not Provided”)
    5. Explain why you find the job interesting
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