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Correctional Facilities

WorkSheet: Correctional Facilities Just Answer each question no paper format needed
Question #1) How should the courts balance the rights of the criminal against the rights of society and the victim when trying to insure fair treatment for all?

Question #2) Should prison inmates be offered the opportunity to earn high school or college degrees, receive job training, and prepare for a future, productive life outside of prison?
Question #3) What is your view of prison? What is its purpose?
Question #4) What are your ideas about how more money could be generated to pay for educational and rehabilitation programs in prisons?
Question #5) Do you think we should expend more effort to prevent crime, or make tougher sentences for those who do commit crimes? What efforts could be made? What kinds of sentencing might make a difference? Support your answer with examples.
Question #6) Argue for or against the death penalty. Do you think the threat of the death penalty is successful or unsuccessful in discouraging people from committing murder? Why or why not? Do you think the death penalty is an acceptable punishment or that it is unconstitutional?
Question #7) Do you think that an uneducated person is more likely to commit a crime than an educated person? Why or why not? What are some other factors that might result in a person turning to crime? Give as many solid examples as you can.
Question #8) What do you think can be done about the crime situation in America? Where would you begin to solve our problems? This is a very big question, but we would like you to give it serious thought. What do you think are the most important places to begin battling this tremendous problem?
Question #9) Design your own community-treatment program for juvenile offenders. Your goal is to help youths who are in trouble with the law increase their self-esteem and learn how to settle conflicts in a more positive manner. Thoroughly describe your program and its goals.
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