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Crime And Health In Your Community

Crime And Health In Your Community.

Visit your local police or sheriff department’s website to find some crime statistics for the neighborhood you live in. Decide how you will collect this information. Portland residents can find neighborhood crime data by using this link to Crime Stats: Portland Crime Index
Research shows that while crime has a negative impact on a community’s health, the fear of crime can also lead to poor health outcomes. Residents’ perceptions of the safety of their community may or may not connect to actual crime rates. To understand how residents in your community feel about crime, conduct a brief interview, or survey with 3-5 of your neighbors. First, create the survey as a team. Then, share in the interviewing/surveying tasks of the neighborhood you chose. Record the responses you receive.  Share your data with your team and organize it into a graphic. In addition to any graphs or tables you create about the crime statistics in your area, write a one-page narrative that summarizes what you learned about crime perceptions among residents. Include in your findings a reflection that assesses how safe or unsafe your team feels your community is based on the data collected. What impacts do crime and the fear of crime have on the health of your community? What aspects of the built environment in your neighborhood deter or encourage criminal activity or perceptions of safety or danger? Please refer to at least 2 course materials in your one-page reflection.

Crime And Health In Your Community


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