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Discussion 13 – 200 Word Minimum

Discussion 13 – 200 Word Minimum. Evaluating Alternative Choices
Costco is a very innovative and aggressive store when it comes to private label (often called “Store Brand”), Co-Branded Products (Kirkland/Campbell’s Soup!), aggressive attacks on industry leaders (Tide detergent from Proctor and Gamble), and category disruption (Private Label alcohol).
In today’s digital world we have access to information to see who manufactures the store brand product. I was able to find out that Costco’s baby formula was manufactured by Abbot Labs who makes the national brand Similac for nearly twice the price!
I am posting links to three short articles on Costco and their use of Kirkland Store Branding.
Please share you opinion on how Costco is pushing their Kirkland brand products and if this marketing technique helps differentiate their business. Do the publication “Costco Connection” help with how their educated, and wealthy customers view quality and define quality?
Any and all thoughts and comments are appreciated!

Discussion 13 – 200 Word Minimum


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