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Discussion #4 Concepts of Measurements

Select one of the case studies below and provide the following information related to the case. Be sure to identify either A or B in your Discussion Post Title.

  • Identify the dependent variable(s) in the case.
  • What method(s) of data collection would be most appropriate to measure the behavior defined in the scenario? Provide a rationale as to why the chosen method(s) of data collection would be most appropriate? What, if any, limitation does this data collection method have?
  • How would you account for reliability and validity of your measurement procedures?
  • Create a set of hypothetical data (using 8 – 10 data points) to align with the scenario and create a basic graphical representation that aligns with APA conventions for one set of behavioral data. Save your graph as a PDF document and attach it to the discussion posting.


Tyler is a 15-year-old male who attends high school as a freshman. The teachers report that Tyler often engages in vocal stereotypy, or “scripting” during school. He often verbalizes things that he hears on YouTube or from his favorite television program. His mother worries about the scripting because she is concerned that Tyler may say something inappropriate in front of his classmates and get in trouble. It also appears to have an effect on Tyler’s schoolwork, since he cannot always complete his classwork by the end of the period. On such occasions, Tyler is told to complete his classwork for homework that evening. Tyler’s mother notes that when classwork is brought home, it takes him awhile to complete it due to his scripting behavior.


Sarina is a 6-year-old who engages in non-compliant behavior and physical aggression. These behaviors are evident both at home and at school. Frequently, when given a direction to complete a task, Sarina will refuse to comply, shouting things such as “No!” or “I don’t feel like doing that!” When her parents or staff attempt to redirect her non-compliance, she will become physically aggressive and attempt to hit or kick others. She has also been observed throwing objects and destroying property when she gets upset under these circumstances. Sarina’s aggressive behavior has caused minor injuries to both classmates and her younger brother.

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