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Discussion #6 Concepts of Measurements

This week, you are going to create your own “how-to” guide on either calculating the stability envelope of a set of data, or how to find the split middle line of progress to identify the trend of a data path. For this task, you can use the hypothetical set of data that you created for your Unit 4 discussion (using a maximum of 5-7 data points). You may choose any of the following formats to clearly present each of the necessary steps of your “how-to” guide:

(a) A Narrated Power Point with visuals (and speaker notes) to explain the process you’ve chosen to “teach”

(b) Create a video that describes the process (include a script)

(c) Create a PDF document of a visual task analysis that demonstrates the step by step procedures using original screenshots and/or graphics.

Once you’ve competed the how-to guide, provide a brief narration or paragraph that accurately describes the stability/variability and trend of your data set. 

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