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1. Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once said that “subjectivity is truth.”  Explain what you believe that quote to mean and how it relates to the nervous system and senses.
Where is the tumor likely located so that vision is affected? Why do you think that? 
-List specifically the areas of the brain that you think could be involved, giving as much detail as possible.
-What other normal functions does this area control, aside from vision?
-Mateo assumes the worst and  researches surgery- What are the risks associated with brain surgery? Describe the pros and cons and how they compare to those of your peers. 
-Why do you think Mateo experiencing headaches? Was lifestyle a factor?  What could have contributed to or been done to prevent this tumor, if anything?
-Locate at least two reputable and  scholarly sources from the internet to inform your answers and then, finally,
-Come up with at least two (2) of your own questions that you would want answers to and end your post with them for your classmates to respond to. 


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