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Education homework help

Education homework help.

 Undocumented Students
The number of undocumented children in the U.S. is increasing in numbers and educational leaders must understand how to support their educational success by addressing their unique challenges. For this discussion, you will focus on the case study “In All Fairness” in Chapter 8. This case study focuses on the controversy surrounding legal and illegal immigrant families, children and public school attendance, as well as the concept of silent tracking.
For this discussion, you will address the assigned questions based on your last name. For example, Jane Doe would respond to the first set of questions. Use the text and one outside source to support your response to the questions (this can also be your shared resource).
Student’s Last Name
Begins with A-M
If Alejandro came back to the school with a birth certificate (foreign), no social security card, and a letter from the local homeless shelter as proof of residence…

  1. How would you explain to the office staff that he should be admitted?
  2. What laws support your actions?
  3. What resource(s) could the school provide to support this family?
  4. What is one resource that you could share with your peers to support best practices in working with undocumented children and families?

Begins with N-Z
Regarding the case of Michael…

  1. Why would counselors place Michael in lower track classes even after he requested that he be placed in college prep courses?
  2. Is this a form of discrimination?
  3. Why would these types of incidents be difficult to confront?
  4. What is one resource that you could share with your peers to support best practices working with students of color who may be victims of silent tracking?

*Resources may be from yearly conferences, websites, leaders in the field, peer-reviewed journal articles, blogs, etc., that support the issue at hand. Through this collaborative effort, you will be able to add resources from multiple perspectives that you can later include in your final assignment. Be sure to include any relevant information including the full APA reference entry and a brief description of how the resource supports leaders/administrators in that issue.
Capatosto, K. (2015). Strategies for addressing implicit bias in early childhood education (Links to an external site.). Retrieved from http://kirwaninstitute.osu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/implicit-bias-strategies.pdf

  • This article focuses on implicit biases in early education and may help you in your journal for this week..
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Education homework help


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