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In your responses to your classmates, evaluate their analyses and state whether you agree or disagree with the analyses and why.
Respond 2 classmates discussion
speak in first person. Speak as you are talking to each classmate directly
Jodie Discussion:
Communication with those with differing world views can be challenging.  To maintain a balanced communication system and a successful sharing of information, it is imperative to understand other’s perspective and cultures. This can be accomplished by incorporating methods of understanding to effectively communicate across cultures.  Leaders need to develop cultural intelligence and comprehend cultural dimensions to enhance the ability to work effectively with individuals from other cultures and those who have different viewpoints (Cardon, 2021). These leaders need to recognize differences and be open to learning about new approaches to a business relationship. They also need to display empathy, demonstrate cooperation, and be mindful of implicit biases (Cardon, 2021). This allows leaders to create common goals, collaborate more effectively, and design more successful global expansion strategies (Cardon, 2021).
Additional attributes that leaders should model to encourage successful communication include continuously improving on communication skills, encourage feedback, and consider using a shared language by avoiding slang (Washington University, 2020). As leaders work with other cultures and demographics, they need to develop their listening skills and gain a better understanding of nonverbal signals and cues (Washington University, 2020). By encouraging feedback, leaders can be made aware of misunderstandings and whether the information being received is acceptable.  This can also help a leader know if their approach is effective and what they may need to change moving forward to encourage a more successful exchange.  Lastly, by avoiding slang or other informal speech, a leader’s communications can be unambiguous and without concern of others misconstruing the message.
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Washington University School of Medicine office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. (2020). Communicating across Cultures. https://diversity.med.wustl.edu/resources/strategies-for-effective-communication-across-cultures/.
Emily Discussion:
Effective communication remains one of the most important aspects of a successful department or business. Communication allows for an ease of flow and thoughts as well as a direct explanation of expectations or tasks. However, because businesses across the nation employ individuals from different walks of life, disagreements about worldview or opinions often occur. Effective communication can alleviate the stressors and potential conflict that can occur when individuals disagree about different beliefs or situations.
Remaining neutral in a discussion about worldview opinions can be extremely difficult in an office setting; however, the reality is that individuals are often motivated by their own personal feelings and worldview. Recognizing and understanding that people will bring these thoughts and feelings into the workplace is part of leading a team or department. In order to appropriately navigate a team or department that has a diverse staff, it is important that trust, cooperation and patience is established early on; respect and understanding of different cultures and viewpoints allows for an open environment where intelligent conversations can be held between staff or coworkers (Cardon, 2018). Having opportunities for employees to learn about different cultures and viewpoints can empower individuals to learn about something other than themselves and see situations in a different viewpoint then their own.
In order to provide comfortability and acceptance, successful leaders are able to promote open communication between staff or coworkers. Discussing the effect of negative stereotypes and impatience can reduce conflict down the line; it can also strengthen trust between coworkers (Cardon, 2018). Establishing boundaries and expectations for effective and appropriate dialog between staff members is essential to providing an open and accepting environment for all employees. However, establishing the trust in employees can be difficult. Leaders and managers should create interpersonal relationships with their employees by speaking to them on an informal level, learn about then as individuals rather than employees (Gordon & Martin, 2019). By taking the time to learn about the employees and foster these relationships, staff members are more willing to trust the leader or manager in times of conflict or disagreement. Trust and openness allows for individuals to find common ground when dealing with individual feelings, opinions or worldviews.
Effective listening is extremely important when it comes to breaking down barriers in the workforce as well. Respecting each other enough to listen to their opinion and worldview validates their experiences and viewpoint on the matter. Addressing concerns or disagreement early on can also impact how individuals react to each other in the workplace and how ideas are exchanged (Gordon & Martin, 2019). Individuals should not be told that their viewpoint, worldview or opinion is invalid or not accepted in the workplace. Valid experiences and viewpoints can impact product, consumer relations and company culture. Providing effective leadership through effective communication and listening skills can establish appropriate and respectable boundaries for individuals to express their worldview and values in an open and safe environment.
Cardon, P.W. (2018). Business communication: Developing leaders for a networked world. McGraw Hill-Education.
Gordon, V., & Martin, D. (2019) The 21st-Century CEO; Intrinsic attributes, worldview and communication capabilities. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 26(2), 141-149.

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