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Employee  Observation: school teacher rating

Employee  Observation: school teacher rating.

For this Application Assignment, review the media, “Employee  Observation,” and your ratings of the schoolteachers in Weeks 2 and 3. Use the O*NET  content model at http://www.onetcenter.org/content.html to rate the  job in the media, and focus on the worker characteristics domain.  Use the given data set from the generalized work  activities in Week 3, your ability ratings from Week 3, along with your work styles  ratings from this week.


O*NET. (n.d). The O*NET® content model. O*NET Resource Center. Retrieved from http://www.onetcenter.org/content.html

The Assignment (3–5 pages)

Presume you have  been hired to use the data to develop an employee selection process to hire  individuals for the middle school teacher position.

  • Rate the middle school teacher job from Week 3 using  the O*NET work styles scales in the worker characteristics domain.
  • Summarize the findings of these three ratings (generalized  work ratings, ability ratings, along with your work styles ratings).
  • Describe the methodology used for evaluating the  middle school teacher job.
  • Based on the data, explain the important parts of  the job that should serve as a foundation for selection.
  • Summarize the findings and the relationship to your  data, including your work from Weeks 2 and 3

Employee  Observation: school teacher rating


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