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Engineering 151 Test Module 7 Through 9

Engineering 151 Test Module 7 Through 9.



A steel cable 1.25 inches in diameter and 50 ft long is to lift a 40,000 lb weight. What is the length of the cable during lifting? The modulus of elasticity of the steel is 30×106 psi.



A large flat plate is subjected to constant amplitude uniaxial cyclic tensile and compressive stresses. Compute the critical crack length if the fatigue life must be at least 3×106 cycles. Assume the initial maximum edge surface crack length to be 1.1 mm, and a maximum tensile stress of 160 MPa. Assume m=3.0, A=1.4×10-13MPa in meter units, and Y=1.2.





Using the attached figure, for a Cu-20% Wt Ag alloy, determine the phases present, their percentage amounts, and their compositions at

a. 1000 degrees Centigrade

b. 781 degrees Centigrade

c. 779 degrees Centigrade

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Engineering 151 Test Module 7 Through 9


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