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English homework help

English homework help.

Review your papers and critical reading responses. It might help to print out these documents so you can read them with some slight detachment.  Read them slowly, and feel free to annotate them, revise them, or just comment on them as you would another’s writing.
How has your writing evolved?  How has your thinking evolved?  How have you changed?
Which readings or videos inspired you and why?
If you had to choose just three paragraphs from everything that you have written this semester to put in a personal time capsule to open in 20 years, which ones would you choose and why?
Your last essay is a self-reflection.
What have you learned about yourself in this course?  Feel free to focus on your writing, critical thinking, or thinking about the environmental crisis and revolution.
Compose an essay of at least five paragraphs (1000 words or more), using all of the elements of the academic essay that we have been practicing.  Your thesis will assert what you know, think, or feel inspired by and why. Your body paragraphs will demonstrate and develop this thesis using concrete examples for your own writing and experience, and perhaps also from the works you have read or watched.  Your conclusion paragraph will convey the significance or upshot of this experience, so save the best for last.
There is no draft submission for this paper, but you are welcome to work with classmates on your drafts. I will let you decide about that.
Since this is a personal paper, feel free to use the personal pronoun.  It only makes sense here.

English homework help


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