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How does Examity auto proctoring work? – Our auto ID proctoring technology takes over, monitoring the test from start to finish. At the end of each proctoring session, a full video of the exam, along with time-stamped comments, will be posted to the Examity dashboard for review by the test administrator.

How does Examity know if you cheat? – Examity can detect cheating through the use of proctoring software that monitor and flag suspicious activities by the students. Through proctor tools, Examity is able to access students’ computers, monitor IP addresses, record video, audio, and prevent switching of tabs.

Does Examity tell you if you get flagged? – No, the test-taker is never notified by Examity of their flags.

Does Examity have someone watching you? – Proctoring deters cheating by authenticating all students and also potentially recording personal computer activity during an exam. In some instances, Examity provides a human monitor who witnesses every exam taken by students in a course.

Does Examity use real proctors? – That’s why we provide our partners with the flexibility to select from one of two live proctoring solutions to best meet your needs: Live Authentication + Audit and Live Proctoring.

What is auto proctoring? – Auto proctoring is an online proctoring technique that uses audio-video and screen share feeds of the exam-takers to negate any violation during an online exam. An auto-proctored online test is an incredibly flexible and convenient option for students and a highly scalable approach for institutes.

Can Examity see your search history? – By using a browser extension, we avoid having to install any software on your computer. This method reflects industry best practices for data privacy and security while allowing you to get into your exam as quickly and securely as possible. Examity cannot view your browser history or cached data through this extension.

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How long does Examity take to audit? – Q: My exam status is “Pending at Auditor.” What does that mean? This means that your exam has yet to be approved by our auditing team, who will generally review sessions within 48 hours. This does not necessarily mean that you have been flagged – auditing is a standard process that all ACCUPLACER exams are run through.

Can Proctorio detect phones? – Does Proctorio detect phones? No. Proctorio cannot detect phones, but the webcam will show if you are gazing down or to the side to use a phone.

Where are Examity proctors located? – The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, but the proctors are in Hyderabad, one of India’s largest cities. There are a number of Examity job postings in Facebook groups for recent college graduates in the area.

How good is Examity? – Favorable Review Examity provides our students with ample flexibility in exam times and system types. On average, proctors are well-trained and helpful. Examity’s bandwidth requirements are low enough for most of our rural students to use the service.

How can I use my phone during Examity?

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How can I use my phone during Examity?


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