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Explain how the members’ ascribed statuses are affected by other people’s perceptions.

For this optional assignment, watch the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The objective of watching this film is to observe, recognize, identify, and label healthy and dysfunctional group behaviors. In addition, determine whether various groups applied the correct techniques for reducing tensions and accomplishing the goals of the group.


Create a 10- to 12-page paper analyzing the characters and their group functioning in the film. In your paper, address the following points:

· Identify the key characters in the film and their roles.

· Determine the types of leadership that are displayed in the film.

· Identify the group’s leader and explain why he or she is perceived to be the leader. Identify the source of his or her influence.

· Critique the group’s decision-making and problem-solving processes.

· Determine how others’ expectations affect these groups’ perceptions of themselves and their actions.

· Explain how the members’ ascribed statuses are affected by other people’s perceptions.

· Describe the groups’ norms and their evidence.

· Analyze these groups from a systems perspective. Use the systems theory to describe how a human services professional might respond to the needs of the characters in the film.


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