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Extra Credit

Extra Credit. Extra Credit Assignment Worth Up to 10 extra Points
Task 1:
Visit the following website, theduluthmodel.org and review the information provided in order to understand and identify: Students do not need to answer these questions, only reflect on these questions after visiting the website
What steps were used to organize the community in Duluth?
Who were the stakeholders?
What was the underlying belief system?
What strategies were employed?
How was the Power and Control Wheel developed?
Task 2:
Collect data on violence against women on college campuses. A few sources of information are https://www.justice.gov/ovw/protecting-students-sexual-assault#sexualviolence  and http://feministcampus.org/campaigns/campus-violence/resources/.  Be sure to use other scholarly sources as well to gather adequate information. Collect data on violence against women on campuses across the country including the number of offenses, types of offenses, and demographic data on the victims.
Task 3:
Using the process from the Duluth experience in Task 1, and answer the following questions in the format of a 3 page paper written in APA style, excluding title and reference page:
What steps would you use to organize the community?
Who are the stakeholders?
What is the underlying belief system?
What strategies would you as a campus family nurse practitioner suggest to end violence against women on the campus? Discuss in detail and provide specific examples.
What health policies will you suggest? Discuss in detail either current policies or proposed new policies.
*** Students must answer all questions in order to get full credit for assignment. Make sure to follow all APA guidelines as well including proper headings and subheadings. Paper must be minimum 3 pages without title and reference page. A minimum of 4 references is required with the latest being that of five years***
***Any Plagiarized submissions will be treated as any other assignment and as per your student handbook policy on plagiarism***

Extra Credit


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