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For Perfecto. Discussion 1

“Therefore, the only merits such as test would have is to determine a baseline of child knowledge from which a design curriculum would determine how much education would be retained” Please can you further explain this statement?

Discussion 2

In your response to the two learners below, compare their postings to yours. What similar issues or significant differences do you see in the test items you have discussed?

Alison post


When it comes to assessing children, no every young child will respond appropriate in various environments. Some items that could be inappropriate during assessments would be the furniture in the assessment environment, difference of native languages, and overwhelming families during the process. For some children, their home environment is set up in a different manner than the other environments they encounter. Mats on the floors, reduced sized furniture are some modifications that cultures make at home, that may affect the way a child interacts in classroom environments.

Conducing the assessment in the child’s native language puts both the child and family at ease. Utilizing a translator or interpreter is helpful in the way that they can also read non-verbal cues from differing cultures. Keeping the family comfortable and interactive in the process invites them into their child’s education journey. Limiting the number of team members in the assessment, clearly explaining the results, and keeping open communication are all ways to keep the family involved and up to date on their child.

Princess post

Language and cultural differences are both very important factors to consider with testing. Testing should always be diverse and unbiased to different cultural backgrounds and the barriers that are presented in those backgrounds. It is difficult to develop one test that is fit for all groups of people, but there are some test items that are just inappropriate. One of those test items, are those that are about a specific cultural and its beliefs. This is unfair for someone of a different cultural, religion, belief, or custom because they lack the knowledge and experience. This is especially inappropriate when majority of the student’s background is not represented.

Another test item that is inappropriate is one that is not in the student’s native language. Administering tests in a language other than the student’s native language is a barrier, because you can’t assure that the student understands the questions and/or responses. Tests should be given to give each student in his or her native language to provide an equal opportunity to perform well. Providing only computer assessments can also be a barrier to students with no access to electronic devices. Many of those tests are timed and that can also negatively impact the student’s performance. The former school I worked in provided tests using the computer. I was often called to the room when the students on my caseload were struggling to complete their tests or if their behavior became disruptive to their peers. Students perform better in an environment that is comfortable to them. Giving a computerized test to a student who does not have access to a computer outside of the school is unfair. Any test item that limits the student to perform well based on their race, gender, religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic status is defined as biased testing.

Jordyn post


The best way to support a friend or family member who may be displaying symptoms or behaviors that could be identified as a psychiatric illness or disorder, first and foremost, would be to recommend consulting a trained professional. If this isn’t an option for the specific individual, you can find support groups, advocacy programs, or simply lend an unbiased ear to listen. If there is any cause for concern regarding safety (to others or self), I would reach out to emergency services as soon as possible to prevent harm. In my area, I know of a wide variety of services; I work in the Applied Behavior Analysis field and have several coworkers who are Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Behavior Analysts, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, etc., and have access to a wide variety of resources. Some risks involved in lending an ear are that you may not always be prepared to hear what is being said, especially if a close friend or relative is exhibiting dangerous behavior.

Lisa post


I believe a good way to help someone that might be displaying signs of a psychiatric illness or disorder would definitely be to support them like listen to their problems without judgement and trying to let them just talk to you about some things that they are going through. Trying to offer them some sound advice to help them cope with whatever their issues seem to be. Refer them to a clinic to help them or tell them they should speak with their primary care doctor to find out what is actually going on with them so they can find a solution.

I definitely think that they’re services that may help someone in a crisis but as far as long term, in my area, I am not that sure of. I believe a lot of states lack proper help for people in need of long term care. I feel that if you try to tell people that they need mental health help it will turn them away from you and that it could also be dangerous as well because they might be somewhat unaware of what they are actually going through and it might drive people to do something risky because they are scared or even embarrassed that people will think that they are “crazy.” There is huge stigma surrounding mental illness and a lot of people do not what to be labeled because of it.

“False beliefs about mental illness can cause significant problems”

For Perfecto


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