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A worldview can be defined in a variety of ways, but all definitions generally describe what a culture believes and how it perceives the world around it.  Worldviews are influenced by culture, beliefs, values, surroundings, and traditions, to name a few.  Lloyd Kwast discusses worldview by answering the question, “What is real?”  He goes on to say, “This understanding of worldview as the core of every culture explains the confusion many experience at the level of beliefs.  One’s own worldview provides a system of beliefs which are reflected in his actual values and behavior.” [1]
Considering the worldview of another culture is essential when sharing the gospel because that is how people will understand and apply the teaching and principles of the Bible to their own lives and the lives of those around them.  The Bible was written for all people, throughout all ages.  Although the Scriptures were written in specific places to specific people, the theological principles apply to everyone.  But they need to be communicated effectively, relevant to a specific culture.
A person who lives in Los Angeles, California and a person who lives in Savannah, Georgia have almost two different cultures although they both live in the United States.  Each person probably does not have the same values, beliefs, or ways of doing things although they both live in the same country and both speak English.  So a minister shares the message of Christ in a way that each person will understand and therefore apply the teaching.  Imagine how much harder it must be in a foreign country where people don’t speak English, and live entirely different than we do in the States.  That is why worldview is so important.  We have to know and understand our audience.
I feel that while sharing the gospel it is very important to understand and consider the worldview of people of all cultures. In order to consider all world views we must first understand what worldview truly is, Webster defines worldview as “a comprehensive view of the world and human life”. To put explain it another way I would say it is what one believes about the world itself and the human race to include the creation, current life and surroundings as well as death and what comes after death.
Reflecting on the example of the Zanaki people in the Hesselgrave article (Article 68), it is important to consider the worldviewof a person from another culture when sharing the gospel because we must accurately communicate with the people that are sent to us. The best way too do this is a two step method. Step one is to look at the culture of the scripture. The scripture is its own culture because we where not around when it was written, and it was written in another language that was translated for us. We must always remember the gospel has been given to us and 2 Timothy 2:15 says “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needethnot to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The second culture is that of the people sent to help us. The article says “It is the intermediary role between culture of the bible and the missionary’s target culture, that constitutes the unusual opportunity of the missionary as an ambassador of Christ. If we do not consider everyone’s worldview then we end up only going on our own world view with no regards to anyone else and not properly conveying the word of God therefore failing in the mission we are there for.
Each reply must be at least 150 words (maximum 300 words). Each thread must contain at least 2 citations (1 from the Bible), and each reply must contain at least 1 citation.


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