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Graphic Design (Typography) Blogs

This assignment consists of 5 tasks, respond to each prompt  carefully:
(please note most of the responses are short consisting of a couple of sentences or a short paragraph)
(1) Find 5 video tutorials showing how to create hand created lettering (could be any method). They should relate specifically to your personal direction on the hand-lettering project. List the link, and 1-2 sentences regarding why you found the tutorial helpful.
(2) Read 3 articles at:
Share the links, and briefly state what you learned.
(3) Read the following article:
Share one tip from the article that helped you to better understand an aspect of typography.
(4) http://www.aiga.org/video-medalist-wolfgang-weingart/
Watch video and give a one paragraph response.
(5) https://www.ted.com/talks/matthew_carter_my_life_in_typefaces/transcript?language=en
Watch the video and give a one paragraph response.


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