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High School Government : Supreme Court Cases

Directions: You will investigate the following cases to determine what the Supreme Court decided and the legal reasoning behind their opinion.
Mandatory Cases:
Brown v. Board of Education
Miranda v. Arizona
Gideon v. Wainwright
Korematsu v. United States
Optional cases (you must pick two):
Roe v. Wade
McCulloch v. Maryland
Baker v. Carr
New York Times Company v. United States McDonald v. Chicago
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
You will create a PowerPoint presentation  about the four mandatory and two optional cases. Each slide needs to include:

  •   Litigants
  •   Facts of the case
  •   Constitutional issue
  •   Opinion of the Court
    o Decision
  • o Key reasoning
     Minority opinion (if there is one)
  • o Argument against the majority

The presentation should include a title slide and a summary about the importance of the Supreme Court (4-5 sentences) at the end.


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