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For this paper, you will explore the complicated nature of the American nation from 1607 to 1877 by focusing on one of the following groups and examine how their changing roles reflected the limitations and contradictions of the term “of the people” between two of three periods.
Choose one group:

  • Native Americans (both men and women)
  • Africans and African Americans (both men and women)
  • White women

Choose two of the following three time periods:

  • 1607-1781, Colonial to the Revolution War
  • 1790-1865, Early Republic to Civil War
  • 1865-1877, Reconstruction

After you choose a group and two of three time periods, identify two primary sources, and find a minimum of four scholarly sources, two for each period of time.
At the end of the assignment, write a one-page reflection that explains the trends you are noticing when searching/researching these sources, and describes the type of change you are noticing in the condition of the people over these time periods.
For the scholarly sources, you must use either JSTOR or Project Muse and choose four journal articles that are at least five pages in length. For assistance on the use of primary and secondary sources,  Please make sure that two of these sources are for each of the time periods you choose. You will then find two primary sources, one for each period chosen. Reference your material on the reference page.


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