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Why is Newton considered the culmination of the Scientific Revolution? How did he impact the course of science and technology?page2image6852736
How do you connect the Newtonian culture to mechanical innovations that flourished the Industrial Revolution?
– What was the Newtonian Mechanical Tradition?
– What was the role of the Popularizers of Newtonian physics?
(Jacob, Margaret C., “The Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution: The Cultural Origins of the First Industrial Revolution,” in: Marcus Hellyer (ed.), The Scientific Revolution: The Essential Readings (Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2008), pp. 194-215.)

  • Answer ALL sub-questions in the prompt.
  • Your essay must be >600 -750> words.
  • Try to keep a logical track in your explanations: Start with a short but clear reference to the background of the topic, then explain the topic as clear as you can, and finally, specify its importance/influence. In this final section, do not employ general expressions such as “the discovery of X had a profound influence on Y”, or “many fields in physics benefited from the invention of X”. You have to explicitly mention the results.
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