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Background to the assignment: You read earlier about paradigm shifts occurring in cultures; Western culture has observed some as well.
Description of the assignment: Watch the presentation: Summary of Our Study on Western Culture, from your Reading & Study section for Week 8. After you have viewed this presentation; describe what you feel has been the most influential paradigm shift in Western Culture that has affected America. Provide concrete reasons that clarify your position.
If you include sources, you must cite your sources in current APA format. This assignment must be 250–300 words and must include the word count in parentheses
Liberty University. (n.d.) 1600–present [Presentation]. Retrieved from https://download.liberty.edu/courses/wgdo8.mp4.
Liberty University. (n.d.). 21st century culture in America [Presentation]. Retrieved from https://download.liberty.edu/courses/mp7zp.mp4.
Rawls, D. E. (2017). A narrative of western culture—with access. Ann Arbor, MI.
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