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Based on information in your textbook and today’s news, compare and contrast the Gilded Age to today’s political situation. Remember that this is a college level paper. While I want your honest opinion, it needs to be a structured argument with evidence to support major points. Be as detailed as possible and you are free to draw your own conclusions. Do not try to argue what I would argue, you grade is based on how well you argue your point and support it with evidence. This only needs to be two pages in length. Remember that Mark Twain called the late 18th century the Gilded Age, because while our government looked good on the outside, there was corruption on the inside. I want your thoughts on ways in which this is true today or not true and discuss the impact of civic engagement on US politics to address some of these issues. Do NOT simply post sentences from the chapter or other’s opinions to construct your short essay. I look forward to reading your responses!

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