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How did this war help develop an American identity?

HIS-144 Early American Wars Worksheet

Instructions: This is a CLC assignment.

The Instructor will assign CLC groups for this project.

You will work with your group to complete the “Early American Wars” worksheet.

One person in the each group will submit a final group-completed worksheet.

The group member that will be compiling the content from each group member should document the work of each person and submit that according to the directions from the instructor with the completed worksheet. Follow the instructions listed below.

Complete the work sheet by answering each prompt addressing one of the following wars: the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, or the War of 1812. Use a minimum of 3 of the sources provided to support your assignment. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and in the reference section at the bottom of the worksheet.

What were the causes?
Describe the general course of the war.
What were the results or outcomes of the war?
How did this war help develop an American identity?



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