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how does your mind (thoughts and feelings) affect your body image?

Research Paper Topics

Choose ONE of these topics for your research paper.

  1. Choose one of the mental disorders discussed in the text that you are most interested in. Include a definition and common characteristics. Be sure to include information on its prevalence among children/adolescents/adults.
  2. The relationship between mind and body is critical to wellness; based on what you have discovered about yourself in this class, how does your mind (thoughts and feelings) affect your body image? How might others be affected by their thoughts and feelings (for example how might adolescents respond to their perception of how their body should look and what they actually see in the mirror)? How can this affect self-concept and self-esteem?
  3. Choose one of the sexually transmitted infections/diseases discussed in the text, do some additional research.
  4. Choose one of the drugs discussed in Chapter 16 and do some research on it (outside of the book).
  5. Complete research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Include information on the causes and the treatment.

Your paper should follow these guidelines:

  • Choose one topic for your research paper.
  • It must be between 5-7 pages long and double spaced. The cover and reference pages are included in this requirement.
  • It must follow the APA format.
  • Use Courier New or Times Roman font with a font size of 12.


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