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how to eradicate poverty from the society?


I) The issue is poverty and how it must be eradicated.

II) My stance is that richer nations need to help and simple charity is not good enough. In my humble opinion, poverty should not be seen as a problem specific to a country or area. It should be treated as a collective problem. The globalization and global help is the best way to deal the issue of poverty.

III) Poverty is menace that exists today not just in underdeveloped and developing countries but has been steadily increasing in the developed parts of the world. But due to the severity of poverty and lack of resources is poorer countries of the world, where HDI is too low, it is important to embrace the culture of globalization and the resources must be mobilized so that poorer and weaker sections of the society can too become self reliant and dependent.

IV) The countries like India, China, two of the most populated countries of the world, were extremely poor till the last decade of twentieth century, but after these countries adopted trade and business policies of liberalization, the countries witnessed massive economic growth and rapid business explosion. The liberalization policies are the first step towards globalization as it allows free flow of goods, capital and resources; the quintessential feature of globalization.

V) Foreign aid to poorer countries can never eradicate poverty completely, it is wise investment in fundamental aspects of life like education, health care and change of attitude can bring those unfortunate souls out of poverty. This is achievable through globalization as setting up a business or industry creates an entire ecosystem of various other ancillary services and activities, thus it leads to facelift of an entire area caused by the ripple effect of establishing business.

VI) The opposite stance of mine is that globalization can create a new set of problems and issues in the developed parts of the world. As the work is getting increasingly outsourced to such regions where the human labor is low, the people in developed economies are experiencing shortfall in the employment opportunities. Thus, globalization can result in poverty and homelessness in developed parts of the world.


I) The issue is homelessness and how to eradicate it from the society.

II) My stance is that homelessness should certainly be treated as a serious issue and the issue must be solved on a collective basis, as society should come forward and take adequate steps to come with remedial solutions to combat homelessness.

III) People who are homeless are at a higher risk of developing psychological disorders as well physical health issues due to their unclean and unhygienic state of their body and their surroundings. Such people are can easily succumb to their irrational part of thinking and can indulge in unethical activities and serious crimes like theft, robbery, sexual harassment, murder etc. Thus, the common citizens of the society are also at greater risk of experiencing violent incidents like such.

IV) Incidences of Homelessness can be avoided or mitigated if government takes adequate steps to provide affordable housing for all; something akin to ‘Obamacare’ that aimed at providing medical assistance to all. By employing them even in mundane activities like cooking, cleaning or printing, they would be preoccupied with work, that would not only make them financially sound to some extent, but they can start thinking about possibilities of their future, Often it is seen that homeless people live without any purpose and concern about their future, but giving them an opportunity to think so, can actually pull them out from the state of homelessness.

V) Another solution to keep homelessness is at bay is by sharing accommodation and co-living, that has emerged as a new concept. Many people work at night and need a place to rest in the morning and on the other hand, some people work during day but need a shelter at night, hence, housing (viewed as a resource) can be pooled to minimize cost and maximize utility from the same space/shelter.

VI). The opposite stance of mine is that by picking up a collective approach, there society would have to handle additional burden. The hard earned money that members of the society pay as tax, would get heavily allocated towards providing shelter and assistance to homeless people. This would create an additional pressure on the federal annual budget allocation, thus eventually the tax burden on common tax-paying citizen would rise. Furthermore, the concept of shared accommodation would lead to invasion of privacy and at times, can become intrusive in nature.


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