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how to write a personal experience essay

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What should a good personal essay include? – There are a few main ingredients most successful personal essays include a compelling hook, engaging story, interesting characters, immersive setting, and meaningful point. Compelling hook. A personal essay is a story.

What personal experience should I write about? – Write about a time you learned something from someone unexpected. How did you learn to ride a bike? What was the most difficult part of the 2020 quarantine for you? Is your current life how you imagined it would be?

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How do I talk about personal experience? – Language for talking about personal experiences can be divided into phrases to talk about general/ repeated experiences like “I have (generally) found that…” and ones for one-off experiences like “A couple of days ago…” There are also some that can be used in both situations such as “When I was three,…”.

What is called personal experience? – Personal experience is often used to support somebody’s claims. They can include your own experiences, which is called anecdotal evidence. Or, the experience can be somebody else’s. This is called hearsay evidence.

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