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What are some of the shortcomings/pitfalls associated with the value sensitive design (VSD) methodology used for assessing the needs of end users and incorporating impacts on stakeholders? And how you can prevent and/or address those identified shortcomings/pitfalls to allow for effective use of VSD approach?
It should be about 3 short paragraphs in length, supported by at least two peer reviewed articles (APA compliant citations and references). The initial response should be specific and accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic.
Written Assignment : Quality of Simulation
Read chapter 9 of “Janssen, M., Wimmer, M. A., & Deljoo, A. (Eds.). (2015). Policy practice and digital science: Integrating complex systems, social simulation and public administration in policy research” (link: https://ru.b-ok2.org/book/2570131/a4b799).
Chapter 9 discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement in policy making. The author presented several benefits and an analysis of five cases in which stakeholder engagement added value to the policy making process. If you were leading a project to develop a comprehensive policy for managing pedestrian traffic flow in a popular downtown metropolitan district, what measures would you take to engage stakeholders in that project? Your answer should outline your suggestions and clearly explain why each one would add value.
Submit a 2-page (double-spaced) paper addressing the above.
Ensure that you include at least two peer reviewed references and corresponding in-text citations (APA-compliant)


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