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There are 3 cases on the word file. Answer the questions for each article keeping answers a few sentences a piece. i.e. a page for each article in terms of questions answered.
.Article 1 – Automating data entry into multiple systems
What is the specialty of the customer of Extra Technology?
What processes needed to be better automated
In designing the POC, what steps did ET take?
What do half of all organizations consider a major factor that influences a business’ decision to implement a digital transformation strategy?
Who is the new digital customer in terms of platforms, access and expectations?
Could systems are important to digital transformation, Y or N?
Customers Service expectations have changed as a result of digital transformation. Explain in 3-4 sentences
Article 3 – The evolution of healthcare and technology in the ‘hospital of tomorrow
How has COVID-19 affected some of the types of care doctors and hospitals provide?
If you have recently had to receive any type of healthcare, what technology did you utilize.If not you, then use a relative as an example to detail the leveraging of technology

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